Month: March 2015

Code Samples: Something to Get You Started

Here is a sample of the initialization, all in one place and whole, that will help get you up and running quickly.

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Basic Filters: Hiding and Showing Map Data

Implementing Filters

Selectors work in combination with one another to show lots that share features.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to make this work you must first get your numbers and values. You can ask us for that information. If you need it faster, they are also available by viewing the lotData object. Use your browsers developer tool-set to run console.log(lotData) in the dialog open event.

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Dialog Extensions: Extending the Dialog Window

Using several plugins and events creatively, the functionality of the dialog window can be extended.

mapsplusLoading: Specify a layer to show whenever the map is working. eg. a loading animation.

buttons: Buttons are native to the jQuery UI and you can use them here. Functionality can built using custom code. Access to the lotData is available.

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Making it All Work: Initialization

Once you have your mapConfig all put together nicely, pass the configuration into the plugin and tell it what to do.

In this case #mapsplus is the ID of the target layer for the map as described in Step 1 with a “#” in front to let jQuery know to seach by ID for the element.

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Configuring the Dialog Window: Displaying Your Specific Lot Data

Dialog Options

The dialog window has many configurable options and functionality. Check the jQuery UI Dialog documentation for detailed information on how to customize the dialog.

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Configuring Your Map: Your Basic Settings

Target Layer

The first thing you’re going to need is a target DIV to put the map in. Give that target an id like this.

<div id="mapsplus"></div>

In the basic map configuration there is only one setting that you’ll need to edit.

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Want Us to Do It For You?

We are map designers, artists & developers. We built MapsPLUS to help you publish interactive maps more quickly and easily, but if you'd like to collaborate with us - we'd love to help you. We've designed maps and created interactive mapping tools for clients over the past 2 decades. If you'd like to know more about our firm - we are E2 + Associates.

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