10+ Awesome Reasons to Use MapsPLUS

Why Use MapsPLUS?

We’ve spent over 20 years making maps and almost as long designing software to make it easier. MapsPLUS is a publishing platform designed to help people like you design and deploy powerful interactive maps for real estate and commercial applications that are beautiful, powerful and simple. Here are just a few of the reasons we could think of for you to use it.

No need to re-invent the wheel.

Coding directly with the Google Maps API can provide a rudimentary interactive map, but cannot match the full featured user experience & back-office power offered by the complete MapsPLUS platform. Efforts spend to refine & integrate compelling content will result in far greater project value.

Stay current.

MapsPLUS is always current. Technh3ogy platforms & market expectations continue to evh3ve at a rapid pace – making yesterday’s approach unsuitable for tomorrow. A new web browser and device are launched every month forcing a never-ending cycle of compatibility tuning by web developers. Meanwhile, the new world of wearable platforms, the internet of things, 3D & virtual reality technh3ogy are all on the horizon. Let us keep you on the leading edge without any of the effort.

Get it done quickly. Deploy in hours, not days.

Show your client or your boss progress in hours instead of days or weeks. Make changes on the fly and update in real time. A complete project can be implemented in a fraction of the time vs building from scratch.

Google Maps is familiar.

Cognitive fluency is the human tendency to prefer things that are familiar and easy to understand. In simple terms – people are drawn to what feels comfortable. By using MapsPLUS and its Google Maps-based framework you provide website visitors with common conventions, familiar toh3s and strong UX.

Do a little or a lot.

Code as little or as much as you want. MapsPLUS is beautifully designed out-of-the box, but you can mod it as much as your time and skills allow. We’ve done all the heavy lifting. You can create an incredible map with limited coding. There is no need to stay current on the evh3ving Google Maps API, or write a ton of your own JavaScript or a pile of database queries.

Google Maps provides awesome content.

MapsPLUS delivers the entire Google Maps experience. Decide how to use Streetview images, satellite and surrounding maps, crowdsourced photo & video layers along with the ubiquitous user experience – regardless of device, location, bandwidth or resources.

Enjoy Creative Freedom.

MapsPLUS allows point & click configuration of virtually all features as a starting point, then provides open access to the source code to integrate & customize exactly as you demand. Edit the HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Configure JQuery UI and all map components, link to data sources & platforms as needed. You are in the driver’s seat.

Save time & money.

MapsPLUS is a platform that applies across a large market. That means that each user pays a small fraction of the cost of development while benefiting from most or all of its features. In short – it’s just not worth it to build a map yourself. MapsPLUS represents an ongoing effort to simplify & optimize map publishing by our team of developers. Spend time and energy creating unique & innovative features and creative content for your clients to maximize ROI and focus on your strengths.

No Back-end development required.

At the same time as users demand more real-time, interactive content – the software engineering skills required to do so are becoming more costly and difficult to find. MapsPLUS can be implemented by non-technical staff. For those who wish to create a truly unique user experience substantial customization & integration can be achieved with intermediate skills of a front-end coder.

Maps Designers at Your Service.

We have years of experience in map design, cartography, and digital mapping software. We design maps every day from engineering & architectural documents, AutoCAD and EPS. We understand map conventions, usability and UX. We are here as your partner in awesome map design.

More than a map.

MapsPLUS is much more than an elegant JavaScript plugin. Heat maps analytics, content management, live-sync data support, ongoing development and an expanding list of partners make MapsPLUS an unbeatable value proposition.


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We are map designers, artists & developers. We built MapsPLUS to help you publish interactive maps more quickly and easily, but if you'd like to collaborate with us - we'd love to help you. We've designed maps and created interactive mapping tools for clients over the past 2 decades. If you'd like to know more about our firm - we are E2 + Associates.

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