Live Sync Map Administration


Live Sync map administration – from a nightmare to freedom

During the Q&A session of a consulting meeting, one of the team members we were presenting to insightfully asked about the time and resources required to keep real-time maps up-to-date with real-time information. She explained that their inventory information was constantly changing; Sales status, pricing, product specifications, even sales contact information was fluid. Well – it was early days in the development of MapsPLUS and we hadn’t yet tackled this issue head-on, and quickly realized we had underestimated its critical importance. It was clear that without a very simple way to plugin to their inventory data – real-time was simply going to cost too much.

Soon after that conversation we got a call from another builder/developer operating in over 50 communities. She was using another interactive mapping solution that was not meeting their needs. She went on to explain that she was spending a whopping 40% of her time each and every week managing individual map updates from changes to her lot inventory. She told me that she couldn’t even take a vacation for longer than a few days! I estimated that this was costing her firm almost $30,000 per year – and was clearly taking its toll on this bright interactive marketer who should be spending her time doing what she does best – marketing, and not administration.

We went to work right away on the solution – and our LIVE SYNC feature was the result. Here is our simple description of what you can now do with MapsPLUS and your inventory data:

Maintenance of live map data can be an enormous hurdle – until now.

Static maps can require tedious updating, but interactive maps require real-time content to be relevant and engaging to users. Keeping content up-to-date can be a chore, and keeps many marketers from deploying live maps. MapsPLUS removes the obstacle with a series of options to help you get back to work, and free you from constant map admin.

  • Data Feed

No matter which CRM, ERP or location database you currently use – MapsPLUS can accept a live data feed through our web services. When data changes, MapsPLUS can update instantly across every device.

  • Excel Upload

If you maintain your lot, unit or asset data in Excel, MapsPLUS gives you a quick and efficient upload tool.

  • Web-based Content Manager

In cases where it makes sense to update map location status directly, MapsPLUS provides a robust content manager to quickly make changes on the fly. Multiple groups can collaborate to keep audience information timely and relevant.


Sell more – easier, faster and more efficiently with your inventory data + MapsPLUS. Contact us for more information or try it now.

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